Love Actually Fan Breaks up With Boyfriend After Failed Proposal

Calhan, Colorado – It was supposed to be one of the best day of their life, it turned out to be soul crushing. Vanina Habrus, 27, broke up with her long time boyfriend Rob Bourg, 32, after a failed Love Actually themed proposal.

“It’s so sad, I loved him”, Vanina says. “I had been waiting for this proposal for so long. I had noticed that Rob was nervous in the last few weeks. He was being secretive. I had figured out that he would ask me to marry him this Christmas”.

Even though she had hoped for that day to come, Vanina was left with no choice but to end the relationship when Rob finally took the plunge.

“He knocked at my door and showed me a succession of cards like the guy in Love Actually”, Vanina remembers. “I thought it was so cute! I was enjoying reading all the cards until the last one. He had written “I love You’re smile”. You’re? It totally ruined the moment. I was so shocked, I went back inside and slammed the door. I can’t marry a grammatically impaired man”.

After thinking about it for a day, Vanina has decided to break up with Rob and give herself some time to recover.

“What hurts the most is not only the fact that he can’t tell you’re and your appart”, Vanina says. “It sucks, don’t get me wrong. But the worst is that I was with this man for 8 years without noticing that something was wrong. Was he good at hiding things, did he become like that recently or am I so stupid I didn’t realise he was always like that? I’ll never know. How can I ever trust somebody again?”