Romy Can’t Believe How Less Pregnant Vanessa Looks

Greenwood, Arizona – Romy, Vanessa and Gabi have known each other for 5 years, since they started working together. This morning, in the workplace kitchen, Romy has decided to help her non pregnant friend Vanessa feel better.

“Oh my gawd”, Romy said to Vanessa. “Look at you, I barely recognised you after a week of holiday. Did you exercice? You have lost some weight, haven’t you? It’s crazy, you look a lot less pregnant than you did a week ago. You don’t look more than 4 or 5 months  pregnant. I am so proud of you”

Romy, who knows damn well that Vanessa is not and has never been pregnant, is well known to be a supportive friend.

“Three months ago, she stood up at the end of a meeting and asked for everyone’s attention”, Gabi recalls. “She then proceeded to tell Vanessa how much she admires her for not caring about the way she looks when all the other girls at work were so obsessed with being thin and pretty. She said that Vanessa was such an inspiration and that we should all have a little bit of her in us. A bit that doesn’t care about what people say. Romy is so nice, she is always trying to make Romy feel good about herself!”