Alanis Morissette Begs People to Forgive Her For Ironic

Vancouver, Canada – Alanis Morissette has finally got it out of her chest. The singer has posted on Instagram to beg people to forgive her for misusing the word Ironic and move past the terrible grammar mistake.

“Dear everybody”, the singer wrote as a caption on an Instagram picture. “I have to come clean. Yes, I used the word ironic in one of my songs, 22 years ago. I do know that nothing I talk about in this song is actually ironic. Yes, you are very smart if you noticed it. Really, it was very interesting when you mentioned it every time I played the song. I am so thankful for the people who tweeted me every day, followed me in the street and kept on mentioning my mistake. Several times, I tried to joke about it, to make fun of myself. I am sorry. There, I said it. I am sorry. Now can we move on and forget about it?”

Alanis Morissette hopes that her new song “Bemused” will help erase her reputation of being unable to use English properly.

“It is a really great song”, Alanis says. “I list a number of things I find really amusing. I have really high hopes that it will be a huge success. The whole album should be amazing, I have worked really hard on it”.