Teenagers do Not Recognize Their Parents Face

San Diego, California – Teenagers are supposed to be hard work. But the parents of Grace and Lou, Dominic and Alicia, believed that they had the exceptions that proves the rule.

“Our daughters were very quiet little girls”, Alicia explains. “We didn’t realise something was wrong when they became teenagers. Of course, we did notice that they did spent a lot of time on their phone but they were still quiet so why complain? We thought they were just good girls with good values”.

Things got a bit complicated when Dominic and Alicia tried to make the sisters look up from their phone to have a family night.

“They had no idea who we were”, Dominic explains. “We thought at first that they were joking but we had to admit after a while that they really didn’t recognize our faces. That’s when we discussed and realised that we hadn’t talked to them in two years. They have been staring at their screens all that time”.

Alicia and Dominic tried to connect with their daughters again but it proved to be more difficult than they had expected.

“We tried to talk to them at first”, Alicia says. “But it didn’t work, we are stranger to them. We tried to add them on Facebook, but they blocked us and reported us as predators. It is very hurtful for a mother to have children who have no idea what you look like. We were tempted to take their phones from them, but this is our only way to communicate with them. Sometimes, when we text them, they answer. There is still hope”.