Woman Asks for Privacy in Facebook Break-Up Announcement

Miami, Florida – Britney Wollos, 26, announced this morning on Facebook that her 5 months long relationship with Ronald McGerry was over. She explained that she hopes for privacy during this hard time.

“First of all, I want to say that I don’t like to expose my personal life on social media, as I am sure you all know by now”, Britney writes. “But I want to be the person you hear it from, Ronald and I are not an item anymore. I am sorry if it is a shock to anyone. It was my decision. I was bored and the sex wasn’t that good. Ronald begged me to take him back but I am out of love so I said no. To be honest, I was never that much into him. I know it must be really hard for him as I was his dream girl. But what can I say… I am a free woman and I can’t stay with someone I don’t love anymore, I know you all admire me for that”.

A little bit later, Britney posted again to clarify the situation.

“So, during this break-up that I instigated, I ask everybody to respect our privacy”, Britney wrote. “Please understand that I refuse to share too many details about the situation. I like to keep my private life for myself, I am sure you all understand. Thank you for your support everybody”.