Apple is Launching First Non-Phone to Win Anti-Technology Market

Cupertino, California – Apple a the product for you, even if you are against technology. Last Friday, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has announced the release of their new product, the Iphono ThankU.

“As a company, Apple has always been aiming a being a leader”, Tim Cook says. “We make a point of being the trend setters while listening to our customers’ needs. In the recent weeks, we have observed a growing trend of people rejecting social medias and sometimes even refusing to have a phone. That’s why we have created the first ever high-end non-phone”.

The Iphono ThankU will be launched Worldwide in March 2018 and will cost $687.

“It is a 0.5 mm metal slab”, Tim Cook explains. “It comes in 3 colours : golden, silver and rosegold. You can’t use it as a phone or have a wifi/bluetooth connection on it. It is just a slab, really. We want to give anti-technology people the chance to make a point with style. Actually, think about it. If you don’t have a phone, people will just assume it is in your pocket. Holding the Iphono ThankU will send a strong message that you are above technologies”.

The non-phone might also be used as a therapeutical tool.

“It can help people who have an addiction to their phone get over it”, Tom Cook says. “Holding it will be like using patches or vaping when you try to stop smoking. And that’s not it! The possibilities are endless”.