Man Against Both Hijab and Bikini is Pretty Sure he isn’t a Hypocrite

Santa Fe, New Mexico – Drake Malcolwest had been in the news already some months ago after he decided to launch a campaign to forbid women to wear  the hijab, the scarf some Muslim women use to cover their head.

“I don’t care if hair is considered sexual in their culture”, Drake said at the time. “We live in a country were women are free. We can’t tolerate that they would be made to cover a part of their body with a hijab to avoid some men to become horny. Or even just out of fear of being judged. The Stone Age is officially over for a while now”.

Yesterday, Drake has been accused of victim blaming a woman after he wrote on his Facebook page that she deserved to be groped for showing too much cleavage.

“It is obviously not victim blaming or shaming!”, Drake said to defend himself. “I was just stating the obvious. Even though he shouldn’t have groped her, what was she expecting walking around half naked? A short and a bikini top? Breast are sexual. They have literally no other purpose than sex. Women should cover them if they don’t want men to be tempted to grope them or be judged harshly. I think it should be illegal to show too much cleavage, even at the beach. Cover yourself already! Were are the beautiful conservative values of this country?”