Jaya Manages to Make Woman’s Murder About Herself

Nashville, Tennessee – The body of missing Tennessee woman Maeva Franden, 21, was found last Friday. Her murder has left the whole city devastated. But no one is sadder than Jaya Campbell. The 23 years old has managed to find a way to make everything about herself, once again.

“So, I have learned this morning that they found the missing girl dead… a murder”, Jaya, who lives in Nashville, wrote on Facebook. “I am so shocked. I had seen a friend of a friend posting a message on Facebook to find her after she went missing. I am so sad, it always is scary when drama happens so close to you. When I think I might have met her if my friend had invited me to a party at her friend’s house where Maeva was invited too… I was so close to have known her personally. I am heartbroken”.

As she explained later, it isn’t the first time Jaya have such a close encounter with death.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me thoughts and prayers during this hard time”, Jaya wrote a bit later in another Facebook post. “It brings back the memories of the Las Vegas shooting. I had been in San Francisco only two months before it happened. I had been thinking about going to Las Vegas while I was on the West Coast. It could have been me at that concert… Why does it always happen to me?”