Expert Finds a Name for Cold Weather Experienced Recently

Dallas, Texas – It is everywhere in the news lately. You can’t have missed it : it is cold in the United States at the moment. Some people are worried, some people are amazed. Others are happy about it. One thing is sure, everybody talks about it.

“It is a fascinating meteorological event to witness”, Walter Inglewood Newman, a researcher at the Weather Institute of Dallas, says. “There is cold weather, wind, snow, ice… It is such an exciting time to be alive as a scientist! I am determined to study the phenomenon and find out what is causing it!”.

To understand what is happening at the moment, Walter has gathered 23 of the world’s most renowned scientists in his living room.

“Each one of the colleagues I have invited brings their own knowledge”, Walter says. “We have discussed a lot, it’s fascinating. I am starting to have a good understanding of what is going on. Actually, I am pretty sure I have discovered a new meteorological phenomenon. I have decided to call it the Walter Inglewood Newman Temperatures Expected Regression. Winter in short. It is due mostly to Autumn being over. I really hope that now that we have put a name on it, people will be less terrified by it. And maybe be able to see it coming every year?”.