Palestinians Need to Get Over it Says Man Who Hates Foreigners

Summerset, Iowa – Nicholas Hooter, 56, a member of the American Freedom Party, has delighted once again his Facebook friends with his opinion on the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

“Palestinians need to get over it and fast”, Hooter writes. “Jerusalem is where Jesus was born and he is like the super important thing for Jews. So yeah, they have the priority and Palestinians need to like it or leave. Nobody cares what they think or if it was their territory first. They are violent and whiny. Stop it already. You have to live in peace even if you are different”.

Adam Gapples, his brother in law, tried to show Nicholas that what he wrote was in contradiction with something he had shared previously on Facebook.

“Last week, he was ranting, saying that every person who isn’t white and born in America should be deported somewhere else”, Adam says. “I commented this under his message, hoping he would understand I was teasing him. He didn’t…”.

Totally missing the sarcasm in his brother in law’s comment, Nicholas shared once again his opinion.

“I am glad my message touched one person”, Nicholas wrote. “We, White Christian American men are the most vulnerable minority on the planet at the moment. We need to get rid of those foreigners who steal our jobs, wives, money and lands. If we have to use guns and force for it, so be it. It is our most basic right to defend ourselves and our country, we were there before and there will be revolts if anyone tries to take it from us”.