Model Manages to Not Know Blackface is Not Accepted Anymore

Omaha, Nevada – Samantha Leightewdton, 26, is an Instagram Model. The woman had always enjoyed sharing her pictures with the world on Social Media. That was until last week, when she was called out after posting a picture where she appeared with a blackface.

The picture captioned “Guess who’s an African Princess now?” has now been deleted but it seems like it’s too little too late.

“I posted this picture and thing got totally out of control”, Samantha explains. “Is it a known thing now? You can’t paint your face black and pretend you are African? Why did nobody talked about it if it is so outrageous? I had absolutely no idea!”.

Samantha, who lives in a cabin in the woods without any phone Internet or newspapers, only posts one picture a week on Instagram using the Starbucks wifi when she goes to town. She now struggle to understand why people are so mad at her.

“I am young, white, rich and pretty. How am I going to experience not being privileged?”, Samantha asks. “I’m special, quirky and funny. Painting my face in black is my way to show it. What am I going to do every Halloween now? I could pretend I’m Buddha and post a picture of me doing Asian eyes, I guess. It’s not as funny but at least it’s not racist”.