Chinese Ship Has Been Caught Delivering Utility Poles to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – The American authorities have announced today that a Chinese ship is under investigation after it has been caught delivering first Aid goods and utility poles to Puerto Rico earlier this week.

“I can confirm that the crew of a Chinese ship is under investigation at the moment”, Ron Frees, a Spokesman for the Aquatic Bureau of Investigation against Maritime Piracy and Frauds (ABIMAPF), says. “Following an anonymous phone call warning us, we were able to catch them trying to offer food, First Aid kits and utility poles to Puerto Rico without any permission. Apparently, they had no intention of making Puerto Rico pay for it. But that’s not the problem. It’s insulting to the United States. We will deliver utility poles to Puerto Rico if and when we feel ready for it”.

Ricardo Ramos, the ex-executive director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority says that he had been contacted some weeks ago by the ship’s crew to offer help.

“They tried to contact me when I was still executive director”, Ramos says. “But I told them that if I wanted more electricity poles, I’d hire a tiny company in Alabama for $300 million. We’re good, we don’t need them. I’m not sorry for these people, they have only themselves to blame for the trouble they are in now. Hopefully it will serve as an example”.