If Donald Trump Fires Robert Mueller, 1 Million People Will Protest

Washington – The rumor is getting louder and louder : the President of the United States might fire Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating possible Russian links during Donald Trump’s  campaign in 2016.

Bryan Forneer, campaign director at thevoiceofthempeople.org has issued a warning that up to one million people might protest if this became a reality.

“Almost a million people registered their interest in actions we might put in place if trump fires Mueller”, Bryan says. “Americans want to have an active part in making sure democracy is protected”.

Amongst the potential protesters is Tiphany Lumb, 23, a concerned student from California.

“I am not sure who Mueller is”, Tiphany says. “But some friends I follow on Twitter mentioned him so I will definitely join in whatever is decided. A Hashtag, a message copied and pasted on Facebook… I’m in, I have always been an activist”.

Jonafan Willis, 25 is also ready to join the movement to defend the American values he cares about.

“I read the news every day to stay informed”, Jonafan says. “The second Mueller is fired, I will react. Maybe not take to the streets, let’s be real.  But I will be voicing my opinion on social medias. I might even go into Twitter fights with some Trump supporters. That’s how serious I am about this matter”.