Rosie is Shocked to Learn Miss America CEO is a Misogynistic Pig

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Rosie Lowidl, 61, has always been a big fan of beauty pageants. She has been left distressed today after learning that Miss America wasn’t only smiles and happiness.

Indeed, Sam Haskell, Miss America’s CEO, resigned this morning. A decision that comes after derogatory emails sent by him were revealed to the public.

“I am so disappointed”, Rosie says. “Since I was a little girl, I have watched a lot of beauty pageants. I actually wanted to enter one of them when I was younger. Especially Miss America. But I wasn’t pretty enough. It’s OK, I am over it. Every year, I watch the competition and it’s enough for me. But now I wonder if I will still be able to enjoy it next year, as it has been stained by sexism”.

Rosie also believes that watching this event is her way to help women get emancipated. At least, that was the case until the Sam Haskell’s scandal.

“I don’t get people saying that Miss America is objectifying women”, Rosie says. “It’s actually the opposite. The contestants are even asked a little question to show their personality and knowledge. It is an intellectual event that does so much for women’s rights. It helps fighting inequality between men and women. Who could have thought that the man running it was anything other than a respectful feminist? I am appalled”.