Zoe Sugg Prepares Maymas to Get Over End of Christmas Time

Brighton, United Kingdom – Every year, Zoe Sugg, Zoella on Youtube, has a really hard time once Christmas is over. The teenagers’ idol is indeed a big fan of the end of the year holiday season.

“It is my favourite time of the year”, Zoe Sugg says. “The excitement, the gifts, the sugar… What’s not to like? I generally start decorating the house in July and celebrate Christmas from August to December. When January comes, I always feel empty and sad. What am I going to do for 6 months until it’s time to celebrate Christmas again?”.

Zoe, 27, isn’t the kind of women who just sits there without trying to change things.

“This year, I have decided that I will be the master of my own destiny”, Zoe says. “If I create a new holiday, I will have 2 Christmas a year. So I present to you Maymas! I will start planning it in January. There will be decorations, Maymas trees, a big family meal, gifts… Everything like Christmas”

The Youtube stars plans to release an overprice Mayvent calendar and a special range of beauty products.

“I will, it’s true”, the star admits. “But it isn’t about money or consumerism. Maymas will be about love, sharing and spending special moments with your loved ones, which you can then share on Youtube. And Maymas songs. There will definitely be Maymas songs. Lots of them”.