Parents Are Horrified to Learn Their Son Loves Poesy

Frederick, Maryland – Julia and Marvin Tomrin are parents to 3 children. Hayden, their eldest, 16 has just told his parents this weekend that he likes Poesy.

“We are broken”, Marcus says. “I don’t know if it is a true passion or if he is trying to hurt us but I am worried. Poesy? That’s so pretentious. As parents of a teenager, you prepare yourself for sex talks, parties, bad attitude.. A lot of things but not poesy!”

Hayden’s mother wishes he had chosen another time to make his announcement.

“Why does he do this to us now?”, Julia says. “Couldn’t he wait until it was over? Or better, tell us in January. It’s so sad, I don’t think Christmas will ever be the same anymore for me. I could barely celebrate this year. I kept on thinking about all the signs we ignored, all the things we might have done wrong to make him become the way he is”.

Since the shocking revelation, Julia and Marvin spend their days trying to figure out how to help their son.

“We don’t know what to do”, Julia explains. “Do we need to be honest with Hayden and tell him that he has to stop immediately? But that might only make things worst. Maybe we should be very supportive. Or even start writing poems ourselves. That might put him off it completely. I have no idea. I just hope it is a phase and we will get the Hayden we knew back really soon”.