Woman With No Plans For New Year Eve Loses All Her Friends

Paris, France – Cassandra Gennois is about to become a lot more lonely than she had expected. The 26 years old production assistant was hoping to spend a quiet New Year Eve by herself for the first time.

“I have had bad experiences every time I tried to celebrate New Year”, Cassandra says. “It is too much stress. First, there is the preparation. You are invited to many parties or worse, you’re not invited. After that, you spend weeks answering the same question : “Do you have any plans for New Year?”. The problem is that I realised too late that the answer you give will determine your score on the popularity scale for the next year”.

Indeed, Cassandra learned the hard way that one does not just decide not to celebrate New Year if they don’t want to become a pariah.

“This year, I had decided to do nothing at all”, Cassandra explains. “No more stress, money thrown away or night spent trying to force myself to have fun. I was so excited. The problems started when I told my friends and colleagues about it. They had the weirdest reaction. Embarrassed silence, hugs that lasted a bit too long, wet eyes while they asked me if everything was alright in my life… I am pretty sure someone gave one of my jokes a pity laugh”.

Cassandra has since explained her decision many times but it only makes things worst.

“I have lost 32 Facebook friends so far”, the New Year’s Grinch says. “I tried to change my answer to “I am not sure yet”, but it’s too late. The rumor has spread that I am doing nothing on the 31st of December and there’s nothing I can do to fix that. I am now socially rejected because I don’t want to celebrate New Year”.

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