South Korea Vote to Change Its Name to Not North Korea

Seoul, South Korea – Moon Jae-in, South Korea President, has applauded today the National Assembly’s decision to officially change the country’s name to “Not North Korea”.

“Let’s be honest”, Moon Jae-in says. “Nobody can tell the two countries appart. That’s alright, I am not mad. Changing our name to Not North Korea would at least put an end to the confusion and make things really clear for everybody”.

The confusion between the two countries wasn’t much of a problem before Kim Jong Un’s accession to power in 2011. The mix up now has worrying economical consequences for South Korea.

“Tourism is getting worse each year”, the South Korean leader explains. “Every time Kim Jong Un opens his mouth, we lose 1% of income from the tourism industry. We have a beautiful country, it is a shame that more people don’t come to discover it”.

Moon Jae-in might go further and change his name too.

“It seems inevitable”, the President says. “I am so tired of being called Kim Jong Un. When I go on official visit, I can see that everyone is a little bit confused about which one I am but they are too scared to ask. I am a nice guy, you know. I might as well change my name to Not Kim Jong Un, I suspect that it’s how people call me already anyway”