Cow Makes Husband Eat His Mother as a Revenge

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – Margarita and Warren Trevors have been married for 17 years. The cow and her husband, who used to be the envy of all their friends, can now barely stand each other.

“They always had a weird relationship, that’s true, but in a cute way”, a friend says. “At least at first, they were madly in love. Marg and Warren met when they were 14 years old and became high school sweethearts. We all were invited when they got married in college. They had a competitive relationship since the beginning, for sure, but we were so used to see them together. There didn’t seem to be anything to worry about”.

Actually, the two lovebirds’ relationship was degrading fast in the past few years. The funny little pranks have turned into a brutal war between Warren and Margarita.

“When we were in our twenties, Marg used to hide Warr’s car keys, he used to put some flour in her hair dryer as a revenge, that kind of things”, the friend says. “We all laughed about it, it was innocent and funny. We didn’t notice that they had stopped joking at some point”.

Indeed, the couple had huge communication problems that took over their daily life until their friends couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“She broke his car’s brakes”, the friend explains. “He put water in her hair dryer. It was violent. At some point, after she burned all of his clothes, Warren, who was a vegan until then, started to eat steaks every day. No one related to Margarita but it was insensitive of him”.

Things became really nasty yesterday when Warren ate his lunch, what he believed was a normal steak.

“It was his mother”, the friend says. “Margarita stood there watching him the whole meal, smiling silently. I think they have reached a point of no return. How could he possibly forgive her after that?”.