Donald Trump Not Told This Year About Santa’s Little Secret

Washington – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, has confirmed today during a press conference that the President of the United States wouldn’t be told this year about Santa’s little secret.

“Now is not the time to get Donald Trump distressed”, Sarah says. “It has been a succession of stressful months for everyone. There are tensions with North Korea, Iran and even within the country. If we tell the truth about Santa to the President now, who knows what the consequences might be?”.

The spokeswoman refuses to tell who they chose to dress up as Father Christmas to entertain Donald Trump but she assures everything is planned carefully.

“We don’t want to risk a nuclear war, obviously”, Sarah explains. “We have 3 Santas on call, in case there is a problem with one of them. They are kept safely and trained every day to make sure Donald lives the magical experience he expects”.

The President’s entourage hasn’t decided yet when the truth will be revealed to him.

“We will keep on pretending for as long as we possibly can”, the spokeswoman says. “We also make sure Donald does still believe in the Easter Bunny, Dragons and Fairies. It is easier than you’d think. Our President is surprisingly gullible for someone who made Fake News hunting his speciality”.