Santa Claus Not Told This Year That Donald Trump is Real

North Pole – Jessica Bumbletee Coopers, Father Christmas’ spokeswoman, has confirmed today during a press conference that Santa Claus wouldn’t be told this year about Donald Trump’s little secret.

“Now is not the time to get Santa distressed”, Jessica says. “It has been a very rough year for him. Children are being more and more naughty. There aren’t many left who still believe in Christmas magic. It is making him quite sad. If we tell hi, the truth about Donald Trump being real now, he probably won’t have the strength to keep on going”.

The spokeswoman refuses to say who they chose to dress up as a fake Donald Trump to entertain Santa but she assures everything is planned carefully.

“We don’t want to risk to make Christmas disappear, obviously”, Sarah explains. “We have 3 Donald Trumps on call, in case there is a problem with one of them. They are kept safely and trained every day to make sure Santa believes Donald Trump is a character invented for WWE”.

Santa’s entourage hasn’t decided yet when the truth will be revealed to him.

“We will keep on pretending for as long as we possibly can”, the spokeswoman says. “We also make sure Santa does still believe the Kardashian, Shia Labeouf and Justin Bieber are fake. It is easier than you’d think. Santa Claus is surprisingly gullible for someone who has stayed hidden for so many years”.