Teddy Bears Still Murdered by Vegan Activists Every Day

New York – Teddy Bears are know to be soft, happy and nice. They can also be angry, feisty and determined. The adorable toys are now threatening to go on strike this Christmas to bring the attention on the fate of thousands of them who are slaughtered every day to make fake fur boots and clothes.

“It’s going to be Christmas soon”, Teddington VonBearer, the Soft Toys Association’s spokesman, explains. “As always, Teddy Bears will be a big favourite to offer. We are always the ones people go to when they need a present for a birth, a birthday or for Valentines day. We spy on your nannies and spouses. People love us. They can’t get enough of us. We have been part of everyone’s life for hundreds of years. Then why is the silence so deafening when it comes to the mass murder that take place to create clothes, shoes and bags that please the enemy”.

Teddington knows exactly who is to blame for the unspeakable murders that already claimed the lives of three of his brothers. He blames the ones he calls the enemy.

“When I say the enemy, I mean the vegan activists!”, the cute little bear says. “It’s always them but they get away with everything. No one wants to challenge them. They are screaming their intention to protect animals but they always forget Teddy Bears. I’m asking you the question : do we not matter too?”