Kim Jong Un Says he Controls Soap Opera Days of Our Lives

Pyongyang, North Korea – We were used to North Korea making strange claims about Kim Jong Un’s special abilities. Their latest one has managed to surprised everyone : the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea can control the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

“He has been controlling the show since 2011, when he became the supreme leader of North Korea”, one of his close advisors explains. “Kim has always been a big fan of the show and as soon as he had the power, he took control of it. He was the one responsible for Ben Weston coming back during Abigail, Chad, Sonny and Paul double wedding”.

What started as a little joke soon became an obsession for the moody dictator.

“At first, he would include his picture in the background and giggle because nobody noticed”, the unnamed advisor explains. “He also showed subliminal images of Tom Jones, his favourite singer, to see if he could revive his career. It was all fun until he became too involved in the characters’ lives”.

After 3 years of innocent pranks, Kim Jong Un decided to take things a step further.

“He has been experimenting to see how he can influence American people’s decisions using the show”, the advisor admits. “And it works. Who do you think made Caleb Johnson win American Idol 2014? Of course it was Kim Jong Un through the soap opera! Who made ukuleles, dabbing, water bottle flipping and choker necklaces suddenly so popular? You know the answer. And I don’t want to scare anyone, but extra flared neon pink trousers might be coming your way, with compliments from North Korea”!