British Tourist is Sad She Didn’t Find Herself in Thailand

Bournemouth, United Kingdom – Terha Heans, a 22 years old English woman, is back home after 3 months spent travelling in Thailand. A little bit disappointed, she explains that a nice tan is pretty much the only thing she got out of her trip.

“I had such high expectations”, Terha says. “After all, I left my job at McDonald and sold some of the stuff I had to afford that trip. My parents let me stay at their house to avoid paying a rent and save money. I was really hoping to come back a different person, to have a better understanding of life. To know who I was and where I was going. None of this happened”.

Uncertain of the reasons she didn’t have the enlightening experience she was desperately hoping to live, Terha is left with many questions.

“I did everything you’re supposed to do when you take that kind of trip in Thailand”, Terha explains. “I spent days on the beach, talked to a lot of people, had one night stands, went to every place that tourists visit. I partied, posted daily pictures on Instagram, some of them were rude and disrespectful to the country’s people and culture. I partied every night, took drugs… Seriously, I have no idea what I could have done differently. I did think about going again, but I am left without any money. Honestly, I am not sure that another trip would be more successful. I am so disappointed. Now, I am broke, I don’t have a job anymore, my parents want me to leave the house and I still have no idea who I am. Life sucks sometimes”.