Taylor Swift Music Starts a War Between Neighbours

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Chandler Hanner and Jonah Maffews, 2 residents of the same building are at war over some Taylor Swift music.

Surprisingly, for the first 6 months after Chandler moved in, everything went well between the 2 neighbours.

“It all started well at first”, Jonah says. ” He seemed like a nice guy. We became friends. He came for a beer from time to time. We watched football together. That kind of things. It all changed after I told him that my girlfriend liked to listen to Taylor Swift’s music”.

After the revelation, Chandler refused to put a foot in Jonah’s apartment.

“I didn’t really care”, Jonah explains. “I thought it was a weird reaction but that was his problem, not mine. What I didn’t expect is that he would complain about me to the building manager”.

Indeed, Chandler had decided to make sure Jonah and his girlfriend were not allowed to listen to Taylor Swift’s music in their apartment, at any time.

“No, I can’t here it from my apartment”, Chandler says. “I only hear it if I press my ear against their door. But that’s not the problem. I demand to have the right to forbid my neighbour to listen to music I don’t appreciate, just as I have the right to look into someone’s Youtube account and demand they don’t talk about things I don’t appreciate. It’s my freedom! I have the right to have an opinion”.