Justin Bieber Announces his New Reggae Career

Los Angeles, California – Justin Bieber has once again left his fans extremely confused after the star announced on Instagram that he is now a Rastafarian. The singer also explains that he is now in studio, recording his very first Reggae album.

“I have finally found myself, for good this time”, Bieber writes in an Instagram picture’s caption. “Jah has found me and I have found Jah. I will now live my life being the Rasta I always was inside. I feel so happy. My music will change too. I was the 2Pac Shakur of pop music, I’ll be the new Bob Marley Reggae has been waiting for for too long. To all the haters, I ask : Is it right to judge me and try to stop me? Jah don’t think so”.

The weird message has already attracted a lot of criticism. Many people called Justin Bieber’s decision disrespectful and commercial. That won’t stop the singer, who has unsuccessfully tried to legally change his name to Justin Marley.

“I am gonna grow my hair in dreadlocks and spread the message of love”, Justin writes in another post. “People can say whatever they want, when you find you true self, you have to live that way to be happy. I will now spend my time trying to enlighten my fans the way I have been enlightened myself”