Youtuber Finally Comes Out : Yes I Love Christmas

Brooklyn, New York – Alberta Werstig, a 23 years old Youtube star, has posted today an emotional video, sharing her long hidden battle to be accepted as a Christmas lover.

“Every year, I feel sick in my stomach when December comes”, Alberta says. “I have to pretend that I am normal and talk about makeup, clothes or cats. The truth is, this is not who I am. I am lying to be accepted and this is not alright. So, this year, I am going to be strong, honest and show a good example. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. There, I said it”

Having freed herself from the pressure, the Youtuber feels finally allowed to wear Christmas clothes, decorate her apartment with tacky Holiday decorations and drink hot chocolate while smelling the wintery candle burning next to her.

“I have decided to not hide who I really am this year, I will only talk about Christmas for a month”, Alberta continues. “Of course, I know it will shock people as this is a bold decision. I might be the only person on Youtube who gets Christmassy during December. But you know me, I am edgy and innovative. This is what I want so get ready for 31 days of videos about the decorations I bought, the Christmas jumpers I wear, my favourite Christmas songs and movies. I am so excited. I think next year I’ll start talking about it from August! It’s gonna be so much fun!”