Parents Against Sophie The Giraffe Risk Losing Baby Custody

London, United Kingdom – Brooke and Vincent O’Hara, little Ella’s parent have spoken for the first time since the beginning of the scandal. After it was exposed last week that the pair had refused to buy a Sophie the giraffe to their baby, outrage has grown. They are now facing the risk to lose their 4 month old’s custody.

“We are pleading for everyone’s forgiveness”, Brooke says, crying and clutching her baby’s soft toy, a fluffy bunny that doesn’t squeak. “I had no idea how important it was to buy our daughter a Sophie the giraffe. We would have done it before her birth, had we realised it would cause so much trouble”.

Everything started 2 weeks ago, when a mother at a playgroup secretly filmed Brooke. She was joking about not having bought the beloved toy for her baby yet. She also admitted she had no intention to do so”

“Everybody knows that you will be judged if you don’t buy Sophie to your child”, Candice, the mother who filmed Brooke says. “It is the ultimate proof you are a good parent. I can’t believe she went out without the toy proudly displayed. It’s even worse to brag about being a rebel. There’s making a mistake, like leaving your child in the hot car while you go for an errand. And then there’s refusing to buy the toy that everybody has. They have only themselves to blame for what they are going through”.

The couple has been under investigation since the video was put on Youtube. They now swear that they have learned the lesson and will never refuse to do like parents ever again.

“We have bought her the toy now”, Vincent says. “We can’t show it to you right now as we ordered it online and it hasn’t arrived yet. But I can show you the receipt. It will be there before the end of the week and we hope to leave that terrible experience behind us. We apologize once again to anyone who felt upset by our mistake”.