Simpsons Apu Character is Racist Says Not Yet Influential Blogger

San Francisco, California – A lifestyle blogger has decided today to challenge the Simpsons creators about the character Apu, 28 years after the first episode of the show was broadcasted. Stating what everybody with eyes can see, Virginia explains that Apu, the Indian immigrant has a dark skin and a strong accent.

“Apu is the Simpsons Indian character”, Virginia writes. “For some reason, he has a dark skin and a strong Indian accent. He is also the owner of the Kwik-E-Mart, the convenience store in Springfield. It’s been 28 years now. They could have sent him back to University and made him a lawyer by now!”

Totally missing the fact that, in the Satirical show, Apu is supposed to be an exaggeration of a stereotype to expose how American people perceive Indian immigrants, Virgina demands that Apu loses his accent.

“I don’t know what stereotype is but I am outraged that the Simpsons creators are using a widely held, slightly insulting and oversimplified image of Indian immigrants to depict Apu”, Virginia answers to one of the comments on her blog post. “He needs to lose his accent. Or get a Mexican one at least, that would be more acceptable. He could also be paler with blue eyes. It is really time to challenge those racist ideas that the Simpsons are spreading”.