Friendly Little Girl Has a Disability That Makes Her Nice

Carrington, North Dakota – Rose Freygher, 4, has been diagnosed almost 2 years ago with a very rare condition that makes her friendly and understanding.

“It wasn’t obvious there was something wrong with Rose when she was a baby”, Meredith, her mother, says. “She was very smiley and patient but we assumed she simply was an easy going baby. We were too happy with it to question anything. When she was 2 years old, we were a bit concerned with her lack of tantrums. She had really good manners. For example, she always said please and thank you. She shared her toys nicely and always made sure everybody had the same as her. Once again, who would complain about that?”.

It’s during a trip to Canada that Rose’s parents really began to be worried about their daughter’s behaviour.

“People kept on making remarks about how nice and well behaved she was”, Meredith says. “You know there something wrong when Canadian people think that your child is too nice. We went to the doctor as soon as we came back home. That’s when we learned about her problem. She doesn’t have any other symptom and isn’t delayed. She is just extremely nice and caring but the human race is so shitty that being friendly is now considered as a disability”, her mother says.