Cute Cats Living Like Humans Discovered on Greek Island

Greece – Catsapolis, an Island that had never been mentioned in any historic book, has been discovered this weekend between Greece and Italy. To the surprise of the tourists accidentally landing on the Island, the cute cats living there can actually talk and walk.

“We took a small plane from Athens to go to Laganas”, Mona Copper, one of the 6 tourists who discovered the island, says. “There was a problem before we got there. We had to land on that cute little island. My friends and I were really surprised to see little houses everywhere. We couldn’t find anyone that seemed to live there. The pilot was confused as he didn’t recognise the place at all. That’s when my husband, Ruben, saw a cat walking down the street”.

Laughing at first at what they believed was an eccentric cat, Mona and her friends almost had a heart attack when he asked them what they were laughing at.

“We were so shocked”, Mona explains. “He asked us what we were. He had never seen humans before. We were terrified but the fear disappeared soon as we realised the cats living there were actually really nice. Unless you try to pet them. But it does make sense why they wouldn’t like it”.

After a few hours of discussion with the cute cats of the Catsapolis, Mona has come to the conclusion that animals make better political decisions than humans.

“They managed to create a society where everybody has food, a roof, a healthcare protection. They have the right to be and love whoever they want without anyone even batting an eyelid. They were stupefied to hear how humans live. I left the Island realising we might be the least intelligent species on the planet”.