Britain First Leader Shocks With Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cover

London, United Kingdom – Yesterday, during Britain First weekly Sunday Rally, Olivie Thopton has surprised everybody with a heartfelt rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow”. A choice of song that left her audience divided.

“I have nothing against shaking things up a little bit”, George Newbond, one of the participants says. “I am just confused about the choice of song. Isn’t “Somewhere over the Rainbow” a little bit too full of hope and joy for a Britain first meeting? The message seems too positive to me. I would have gone with a Rage Against The Machine song or something like that if it was me”.

Peppa Doolittle, another member of the crowd, is a lot less understanding.

“I come here every week to get my rage out”, Peppa says. “Nobody cares about Olivie’s dream to be a singer. When people come to the meeting, it’s to hear outrageous things about immigration. I want to yell my anger at people who have done nothing to me. You have to understand me. I have to go back to my husband and kids after that, to my boring job. These meetings are a bit of fresh air in my mind-blowingly average life. Please don’t take this away from me by making it more entertaining and happy. I want hate”.

Olivie has since issued a statement to apologize about the incident and assure everyone it won’t happen again.

“This morning, I tried to motivate the party members with a song” Olivie writes on Facebook. “I thought that the song I chose would encourage people to see that over the rainbow, there was a future where racist people rule the world. My message was lost and I confused everybody. I apologize if anyone felt like I was hoping for a world of peace or some other nonsensical crap. It won’t happen again”