Nokia 3310 Found Intact by Archaeologists in California

Guadalupe, California – Working in the sand dunes in central California, archaeologists have discovered an intact Nokia 3310, dating approximatively from 16 years ago. They have shared the exciting news during a press conference organised this morning.

“It is such a thrilling discovery for archaeology!”, Alphonse Guanet, one of the archaeologists, says. “Based on how deep it was in the sand, we can confirm for sure that it was there for at least 15 years. It is still functioning and has 4 % batteries left. It is amazing!”.

The discovery has delighted the whole team, who has now gone back to work in hope to find more treasures hidden on the beach. It will also allow Alphonse to apply for a new grant for his research. It was  threatened to stop next January, after 3 years of unsuccessful digging.

“The discovery of this Nokia 3310 changes everything for us”, Alphonse says. “We are going to send the phone to our lab. Hopefully, they can discover pictures, texts or games. That will give us an insight of what life was for the people living at that time. It is hard to say bye to the phone as it has been so emotional to discover it. But it gave us hope back. We are now more motivated than ever to dig the whole coast and find every hidden gem it has to offer”.