Democrat Parents let Baby Have One Last Carefree Nap

Los Angeles, California – Democrat parents Julian Silver and Mary Frott look at their daughter, Dorotea, 7 months old, sleeping peacefully. Watching their carefree daughter smiling during her nap is a bittersweet moment for the young couple.

“We weren’t sure we were going to keep her when Donald Trump won the election in November 2016”, Mary says. “Julian and I wanted a child for so long. But the thought of bringing a child into a world were that person is the president of the United States… We were still hoping things would be alright so we decided to keep her. After all, Donald Trump would probably just tweet outrageous things for 4 years and that’s it. After the Senate passed the Tax Bill last week, we realised it probably won’t be the case”.

As Democrat parents, Mary and Julian want to educate Dorotea about social issues from a very young age.

“She would normally wake up from her nap at 3 pm but we are letting her sleep a little bit longer today”, Julian says. “It’s her last chance to be a carefree baby before we talk to her. After she wakes up, we will tell her that we won’t be able to afford medical care for her if she gets sick. We’ll also prepare her to the fact she will likely have to work from the age of 5”.