Birth Rate Drops as Women Only Have an Average of 0.22 Children

United-Kingdom – The UK Office of National Statistics have released today women’s fertility rate numbers for 2017. The worrying report shows that women are only having an average of 0.22 child at the moment. Last year, the average birth rate was 1.9 children per woman.

“It is really worrying to see the numbers dropping like that”, Denzell Glover, one of the researchers at the office, says. “This means that 20 years from now, there won’t be enough working age adults to contribute for the pensions”.

Shorter term, we’ll already see the results of the lowest birthrate in the United Kingdom.

“Halloween and Christmas might have to be cancelled as it won’t be worth it”, Denzell explains. “It won’t take more than 2 or 3 years to see the devastating results of the birth rate drop. Children will sadly have to make one person bean bag races. A bit later, we might have to give up the Premier league. Or change the rules as there won’t be more than 3 players per team”.

As for the reasons why the birth rate dropped, Denzell doesn’t really have any idea what could have caused it and it doesn’t matter.

“We don’t know if it is Donald Trump’s, the Brexit’s, Theresa May’s or the Great British Bake Off’s fault”, Denzell says. “What we know is that we need women to start having babies. Fast”.