Being Naked IS Empowering Says Male Publicist to Women

After Ashley Graham’s latest photoshoot sparked outrage, Leo Loprug, a publicist, has decided to come to the model’s rescue and explain to women what “empowering” means.

“I don’t understand the people disagreeing with the ad campaign”, Leo writes on Facebook. “What do they blame Ashley for? She is just trying to help the feminist cause. Walking around in your underwear and spreading your butt cheeks IS how women can be empowered. What other reason could we have to encourage them to wear as little clothes as possible?”

Leo insists that showing as much as possible is the 2017 equivalent to demanding the right to vote or have a bank account to their name.

“Women don’t need key positions in companies, an education or an equal pay”, Leo says. “If they want to show men they can do whatever they like, women need to show their boobs. That is their best way to rebel and send a strong message to every male in the world. I am free and I won’t do anything just to please you”.

When challenged by women asking what kind of power it gave them, Leo refused to change his message.

“It helps women to feel emotionally strong enough to post naked pictures on Instagram”, Leo adds. “Publicists want to give women the power to undress to sell movies, music or books to men. The power to not care about anybody judging them for showing their bodies. That is the empowering effect I am talking about”.

Leo ends his message by begging women to think about their rights and post naked pictures of themselves.

“I really hope that women understand what is in their best interest”, Leo says. “I care so much about you, ladies. That’s why I can only encourage you to take the power in your hands. Post a naked picture of yourself on Twitter to show the world who’s the boss. Let’s make #nakedandempowered trend tonight. For your own good”.