Man is Just Unlucky he Died on Snow Day

London, United Kingdom – The family of the man whose murder has been eclipsed by the snow has spoken out for the first time since the crime.

“We are all in shock”, Jordan, his brother says. “I was at work yesterday when my girlfriend called me to tell me what had happened. I looked through the window to gather my thoughts. That’s when I saw the snowflakes outside. It was actually really pretty. Have you seen it? There wasn’t much snow but you could definitely see it fall down slowly. It’s a shame it’s not cold enough to stay on the pavement”.

The police, who says they had never seen such weird circumstances for a murder are planning to investigate.

“We’ll definitely investigate. As soon as we are done dealing with the chaos caused by the snow yesterday”, officer Graham Franfort says. “There wasn’t so much snow so you’d think life would just go on but it isn’t the case. We have to deal with car accidents caused by people looking at the snowflakes falling. There are also scenes of panic in shops, we have to make sure everybody stays calm and safe”.

The murder of the unfortunate man hasn’t received much attention in the press either.

“We mentioned him on page 25”, Thomas Goolittle, a journalist at the SUN says. “We had to report the snow first. Warning people about what could happen if we had way more snow than we actually have. It’s only winter once a year, we can’t let people’s murder selfishly ruin everybody’s fun”