Black People Recruited to Pay for Crimes They Didn’t Commit

In an advert published today in Florida Justice Daily, several Judges have shared their desperate quest. They urgently need to recruit black people who are ready to plead guilty in various unsolved cases in order to keep the public opinion calm.

“Because of social medias and Netflix true crime shows, it’s getting harder, if not impossible, to arrest innocent people discreetly and pin a crime they didn’t commit on them”, Judge Fligel says. “We are left with more and more cases with no suspect as police isn’t used to have to investigate properly. People in Florida are getting angry and demand Justice. The pressure is huge”.

That’s why Florida Judges have gathered together and discussed to find a solution. They have decided to beg for candidates to contact them.

“We had to find a solution”, Judge Fligel explains. “The cops can’t go around and arrest the first black guy they see anymore. So asking for volunteers seems like the best option to get out of this tricky situation. We are now recruiting patriotic people to pay for crimes committed by who knows who, because the police botched the case. If you are black, poor, have no family, an IQ below the norm and are not good looking enough to get media attention, we’d love to hear from you!”