Cake Maker Against LGTB Rights Confused to Hear Baking is a Sin

Anadarko, Oklahoma – A baker, Merrow Clanckson, who had been sued for breaching LGTB rights after he refused to make a cake for gay clients has been left shocked after learning that the bible forbid making cakes.

“While he was being confronted by one of the people he refused to serve, Merrow was asked if he knew that baking cakes was against the Lord’s will”, Walter Tuptale, his lawyer, explains. “He obviously had no idea. My client is really traumatized by this discovery. For now, he is talking with his pastor to see how to deal with the whole situation. He asks people to please respect his privacy during this ordeal”.

The baker is refusing to speak to the media at the moment. Mumford, Merrow’s brother, tries to be there for his brother during this difficult time.

“We never read the bible or anything”, Mumford says. “My brother and I just repeated what we heard without thinking much about it. Our mother told us that  the bible was only against LGTB Rights. We didn’t know about eating sugar or making cakes being sins. How could we have imagined about staying virgin until marriage or not boiling baby goats in their mother’s milk? Man, who knew there were so many rules in the bible? I thought it was just something you cited when you wanted people to do things your way”!

Merrow hasn’t explained if he will accept that the bible should not be followed word to word or if he will change his ways to follow its every rules. Does he plan to sell cakes to gay people from now on or will he find another career? Only time will tell.