Dad Jokes Specialist is Hired By Donald Trump to Improve his Image

In an effort to come across as nicer and more likeable, Donald Trump has hired Barack Obama’s Dad Jokes special consultant. The President hopes that this will help make him look more family oriented.

A decision which isn’t making everybody happy. Geraldine Miller, who used to like the Trumps, feels now really let down by the couple.

“I was already unhappy with Melania’s decision to copy Michelle Obama’s speeches, clothes and pretty much everything”, Geraldine explains. “Now I learn that Donald will copy Barack Obama’s Dad style? If I wanted to admire the Obamas, I would be a Democrat”.

Millie Dhouglass, 61, is feeling the opposite way. Having been a Republican her whole life, she thinks it will be a very good thing for the President.

“Donald Trump’s image has suffered after Ivana’s book claimed he was not a really good father”, Millie says. “Conservative people have an image to defend. I don’t care how he behaves behind closed doors, I expect him to sell me the perfect family’s dream when he is in public. He can do with learning some dad jokes and dance moves”.

Millie even think a fathering coach is not enough. If it was up to her, Donald Trump should have to hire a marital coach too.

“No more hand slapping for the Trumps, they need to learn to pretend to be in love”, Millie says.