Ronna Romney McDaniel Launches the First Republican Helpline

Washington – Ronna Romney McDaniel has launched today a helpline for the GOP members. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the free number aims at making Republicans look smarter.

“We do not have the best reputation when it comes to our intellectual capacities”, Ronna explains. “Some Republicans are quite frankly stupid, let’s be honest. That is why we have created this helpline. We offer advice and can provide people with a better come back that “you’re a liberal”.

Gemma Derter, 48, is one of the operators answering Republican questions. Sitting at her desk, she impatiently awaits the next call to come in.

“It’s very exciting”, Gemma says. “So far today, I helped a Republican finding out if Brazil was a country or a continent before they made a fool of themselves during a discussion with their colleagues. I also helped a poor man who couldn’t come up with a Hillary Clinton joke to comment on a news story about a murdered beauty queen in Texas in the 60’s. People can call with any request. We even have a service that you can call to snitch on Democrats. Or Republican who don’t like guns. Someone called to tell us about her cousin who is dating a liberal. This is what keeps me going. What being a Republican is all about”.