Chef Can’t Believe Donald Trump Called His Meal Terrific

New York – Simon Zimmer is a chef in one of New York newest restaurants. Last week, he has been left with tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks after the President called his food terrific.

“Donald Trump came to eat with his son in law at my new restaurant last week”, Simon says. “It was a total surprise. I didn’t have time to plan anything so I just took a deep breath and did my best. He seemed to enjoy his meal. When I saw that he was leaving, I couldn’t resist. I went and thanked him for coming to my restaurant. This is when he said that the food I had cooked for him was terrific. He also said my restaurant was huge. You don’t use these words just like that, he must have meant it! It is such an honor to have the President being so candid about my work”.

Donald Trump stayed 2 or 3 minutes with Simon and exchanged some words with the 27 years old chef.

“He mostly talked about himself, to be honest”, Samuel says. “He asked me if I was excited to have the amazing chance to cook food for him. I am pretty sure that he groaned while I was answering. It was a bit weird but it doesn’t take away the fact that he complimented me!”