Netflix Launches New Show Exploring Trending Topics

Netflix prides itself of being a trend maker. This time, they have decided to follow the trends. The giant has announced today a new show that will come out in 2018.

“We have conducted a large scale study to know what were the trending subjects that interest today’s young people”, Jaqlyn Maddison, one of the products officers says. “This new show will be all about a gender neutral transexual polyamorous mixed race gun loving democrat millennial who fights her reality TV star family to launch a vegan beauty products brand while growing her Youtube makeup channel as a feminist. The lead character moves from her family mansion in Beverly Hills to a duplex in Downtown Los Angeles after she meets a books loving Republican Basketball player who is not ignorant but definitely not not ignorant neither and is really into yoga. We will follow her during this life changing transition”.

Even though Netflix hasn’t released any names yet, Jaqlyn says the filming stage has already started.

“We are all very excited about this show”, Jaqlyn says. “It will be a forward thinking traditional show. We want it to be the Full House of 2018. A show that will describe contemporary times as it is. We will also touch delicate subjects like the pressure of social medias, the power of being offended or the struggle to be accepted as you are. It will be an amazing show”.