Man Never Discriminated Against Says Black People Are Racist Too

Malcolm Toffart, 42, has made himself known after one of his Facebook posts about black people being racist too went viral.

“I am tired of shutting up about it. White people are told they are racists every time they paint their face black or assume a criminal is always an imigrant”, Malcolm wrote on his Facebook wall. “But Black people are racist too and nobody is allowed to say anything. It’s so unfair for white people, we are the silent victims of racism”.

Malcolm, who has never been insulted or discriminated against by any African American person, says it doesn’t prove he is wrong.

“No, I don’t actually know personally any white person who has been called any racist name or been refused a job because of the colour of their skin”, Malcolm admits. “But it happens all the time, I read it on the Internet and Facebook. That is why I think it is important for me to keep on spreading the message to anyone who is ready to listen to me. So people can be aware of the injustice”.

Malcolm also denies the claims he is racist himself.

“I went to school and work with black people. I have muslim neighbours and have never broken their windows or painted their garage door”, Malcolm says. “If that doesn’t prove I am not a racist, I don’t know what will”.