Rhyme Time Ruined After Unhappy Mother Claps Her Hands Anyway

London, United Kingdom – A Library in London has been shut down during an investigation after claims were made that a mother clapped her hands even though she wasn’t happy during Rhyme Time this morning.

“I always thought she was weird”, Antonia, Little Rosie’s mother, says. “I see her every week. She sings in a contralto voice. During Rhyme time? Who does that?”.

Victoria, Samuel’s mother, wasn’t there this morning but she heard about the story from Elizabeth, Katie’s mother.

“Apparently, the singing session was going on normally”, Victoria says. “As the whole group started to sing “if you’re happy and you know it”, people could notice something was wrong. That woman was clapping her hands but not smiling. She seemed bored to be honest. My friend Elizabeth kept an eye on her after that. When she saw her stomping her feet without any joy, she knew she had to say something”.

After being alerted by Elizabeth, the librarian decided to stop the session earlier to find out what had happened.

“I interrogated the woman who admitted that she would rather be home watching Games of Thrones”, Iris, the librarian says. “Obviously, I asked her to leave and not come back until she had a better attitude. I feel bad for all the happy mothers who came today and had to go back home earlier but hopefully, next week, everything will be back to normal”