Donald Trump Warns His Followers Against Fake Cheese

Another day, another tweet! This time about cheese. Donald Trump seems to be determined to make his battle against anything fake his most important task as a President.

“Who is everybody’s most beloved President? (It is I!)”, the President wrote in a tweet. “I want to warn everyone. MozzaRisella is #fakecheese! I repeat, it is not real cheese!”

The message comes after a succession of rather embarrassing tweets about Primark handbags, social medias and the Santa in Macy’s.

Six hours ago, Donald Trump tweeted “#BREAKINGNEWS leatherette is fake leather. I will end fakeness (sic) if it is the last thing I do”. Yesterday, the businessman also tweeted “280 characters is #faketweet. The most amazing President who has never ever been elected in the whole wide world does only accept 140 characters #Iistalkingaboutme”

“He is on a mission to tweet about every fake thing he discovers”, Sophie Wadner, one of his social media advisors, explains. “We told him that everybody knows about vegan cheese and faux leather, but he won’t listen to us”.

In an attempt to get the President to do some actual work, his social media experts team decided to take some drastic actions, to no avail.

“We tried to confiscate his phone but he has a stronger grasp than you’d expect”, Sophie says. “We just don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t even know why he hired any of us, we just sit there all day staring at him. From time to time, he forces us to laugh at his jokes. It’s weird”.