Man Desperately Search For Hillary Clinton Joke for 45 Minutes

Duluth, Minnesota – Adrian Fligher, 28, has been sitting at his desk for 45 minutes now. Holding his head, the financial analyst can only be heard whispering unintelligible things about Hillary Clinton from time to time.

“He was like that when I arrived”, Timothy McFluff , a colleague says. “Word in the street is that he ran out of Hillary Clinton’s jokes to comment on the Fox News website. Poor Buddy”.

Adrian, finally acknowledging people around him, explains how a beautiful promising day ended so badly so fast.

“I was reading the news, like every morning, drinking my coffee, before the others arrive. I had already called a “liberal” an American woman who has bee jailed by mistake in Mexico during her holiday. Who else would go on holiday outside the United States? Anyway. My attention was caught by a story about a priest murdering a beauty queen in Texas in the 60’s. The opportunity was too good. I went to the comment section to blame it on Hillary Clinton but nothing came. Nothing!”

Adrian, weeping again, admits that this whole existential crisis isn’t about the priest in Texas.

“It’s more general. I peaked six weeks ago when I made that Hillary Clito joke on an article about sexual harassment. Since then, I haven’t been really good and I know it. Maybe my time to trash Hillary and the liberals every time I can has come to an end? I am so not ready for this, what am I gonna do with all the free time?”