Emma Watson Releases Her First Politically Correct Children Book

After years of talking about her passion for feminism, Emma Watson has decided to go a step further. The actress is launching a school program. She plans to teach children as young as 3 years old about sexism and feminism.

“My first step will be to get rid of all the classic children books that are read in schools at the moment”, Emma says. “The message it sends to children is outdated. I am writing several educative books. Inspired by the classic stories, they have a modern twist that will deliver the right lessons to children”

The activist wants to get rid of the importance given to physical beauty. She also aims to redefine the concept of consent in children’s books and emphasize the power of being intelligent and educated.

“The princess, socially equal to any other person living in the country, confidently walked towards the Sephora counter. “Excuse me wonderful person proudly making a living who is equally empowered no matter what gender you define yourself with”, she said. “I apologize if my request is hurting your feelings in any way. I was wondering if you would consider selling books with your beauty products. It would ensure the inside of the people coming here is as beautiful as their outside”, one can read in Emma Watson’s book.

“I am sure we can make it all fun and interesting”, Miss Watson says. “If you explain it properly, children are able to understand right from wrong. Young people are very impressionable. They shouldn’t be exposed to books that are promoting physical contacts without consent or praising women only for looking good. The princess can be the hero she needs to saved herself. She can give herself the kiss that will wake herself up from Coma. Actually, she can be the white horse she is riding to save herself too. Girls can be anything”.