Journalist Accidentally Writes Article Not About Prince Harry

Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati Oh Hi Oh, a News website, has been left red faced after one of its journalist posted an article unrelated to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry or the British Royal Family today.

“I would like to apologize for my mistake”, Quentin Sanders, the journalist in question, says. “Trying to be innovative, I posted something that didn’t talk about Prince Harry’s wedding. I have let down everybody working at Cincinnati Oh Hi Oh and its readers. I am going to write a piece about Meghan’s passion for friendship bracelets when she was 10 years old right now. I hope that it will be enough to erase my mistake”.

This is not the first time the news outlet makes that kind of faux pas. It has a history of failure that includes an article talking about politics in a non entertaining way 3 months ago.

“Cincinnati Oh Hi OH would like to join Quentin in his apology”,  a statement on their Homepage reads. “This is the second time this year we try to shove factual news down our readers’ throats. We forgot the journalist’s oath, which saw us swearing to focus on people’s personal life over anything else. Writing an article about the Senate trying to vote a law three months ago was a mistake. We should have written about Donald Trump’s last tweet instead. Investigating money laundering today instead of digging into Prince Harry or Meghan Markle’s past was also a mistake. We do apologize again. Lessons will be learned”.