Smug Yahoo Commenter Thinks he is Way Better Than The Others

Allan Furrini, 52, was seen being smug and smiling at his computer after writing “nobody cares” on a Yahoo News article about Beyonce.

“People are going to read this and think I’m so much cooler than them”, Allan says. “They’ll feel ashamed that they read this text and cared. My comment will show them how much they suck”.

Furrini, who clicks on every article he sees about Beyonce, always makes sure to let people know how he feels about what he reads.

“Just in case someone finds my internet history”, Allan explains. “I have to make it very clear that I read the news sarcastically. It is totally different from reading it attentively”.

Allan always feels really happy after posting a smug comment on a Yahoo News Article. Reading only about subjects that he knows will be interesting him doesn’t seem to be an option.

“I  have to read every piece of news I find, just in case there is something in it that I want to know. If there isn’t, I complain about it”, Allan says. “I don’t like Beyonce, why should anybody else be interested in her? My opinion matters and I like to make it known. I demand that only things that correspond to my needs and interests are put on the Internet. The world would be a better place if everything revolved around me, horses, cars, investment and Elton John”.